GSR 2021 San Luis Obispo

It’s almost impossible to believe, but 2021 will be GSR’s 20th anniversary. My late partner, Jim Burroughs, and I had been looking for a way to co-mingle the north and south California gay rider groups in a mutually convenient location.

What started out as a loose-knit group of friends getting together for a weekend of riding and good times has evolved to become……a loose-knit group of friends getting together for a weekend of riding and good times. Through all the years, the organizing principle has never changed – an a la carte calendar of events that you may participate in, to whatever degree you choose.

San Luis Obispo was the destination for the first four years, and we’ve used Central Coast destinations more than anywhere else – 7 of the past 19 years, followed closely by Kernville with 5.

We’ve historically targeted the May weekend before Mother’s Day, as the best combination of reliably nice weather and no event conflicts. Unfortunately, looking ahead to 2021, the entire month of May is going to be extremely compressed for me, and I will be unable to plan or execute a ride in our usual timeframe.

Why? Because I am retiring from the LA Fire Department on June 1. After an extremely busy final month of my career, I intend to enjoy myself thoroughly in the month of June and onward, most likely forever.

To avoid the hot summer months (I’m slowly learning about this), that means June. And, for our 20th, I think it’s appropriate to go back to where it all started, which means SLO – both as a homage to Jim’s memory, and also to all of you who have supported this event over the years.

I recognize that June is full of conflicts, between Memorial Day, AIDS/LifeCycle and, of course, Pride. This is unfortunate. I don’t believe we’ve ever done two full-on GSR’s in one year, but if there is interest in a second one in September, I’d be delighted to put one together. After all, I’ll have the time.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the Central Coast,


GSR 2020 Recap

Once again, an amazing GSR. With 13 riders signing up, we had a supersizing fun event, despite the pandemic. Meals were handled mostly on an a la carte basis. Social hours were held in the motel courtyard (avoiding sprinkler hours).

Please enjoy pictures and a video shared by riders:

3 days to go!

Here are the Monday Updates:


Friday and Saturday rides are posted. Check the menu links for detailed directions for each day. I highly recommend that you print a copy of each ride and bring it with you to Kernville. I do not print extra copies.

Friday Highlights:

  • Kick Stands Up at 10:00 AM (not 10:01). We’ll gather 15 minutes before and discuss the ride. Be fueled and ready.
  • The first leg takes us to Bakersfield via Breckenridge Road. This is a technical route to use appropriate caution. There will be a second AM ride option that is less technical that will meet up with the group in Bakersfield. The less technical route would be good for those with larger motorcycles and will leave at a later time.
  • Two return options. Easy: Highway back to Kernville (106 miles total) or Scenic: Longer and scenic (132 miles total).

Saturday Highlights:

  • Kick Stands Up at 10:00 AM (not 10:01). We’ll gather 15 minutes before and discuss the ride. Be fueled and ready.
  • We ride north to Camp Nelson (the home of Bob Allen) and stop for lunch. (56 miles)
  • Again, two return options. Easy: Return to Kernville (112 miles total) or Scenic: Longer and scenic (156 miles total).

Room Sharing

There was some questions about sharing a room. Send me your email and if you already have or need a room. I will forward your information to those interested.

Saturday BBQ

Bob Allen, a long time rider with the group, lives in Camp Nelson and has offered to host a BBQ at his place Saturday afternoon. The routes have been modified to reflect this update.

Looks like a fun action packed weekend ahead.

See you there!

GSR 2020 Update

Here is a quick update on the status of this year’s ride:

Attendance:  So far, 13 riders signed up on the Text Alert System.  Mostly from Southern California.  A few from the bay area.  Remember, you can edit your information by going to . From there you can edit your emergency contact information and disable/enable text alerts.

Luggage:  (Correction) Previously posted offer to transport luggage has changed due to schedule issues. Taun will not be able to transport luggage.

Weather:   It is going to be hot!  (not in a good way).  Generally, about 100 degrees in the afternoon.  ‘Cooling’ to 78 degrees at night.  Friday evening there is a possibility of thundershowers. 

Ride Details:  We re looking at about 3-hour rides on Friday and Saturday.  I am coordinating with others on the ride details and should have them posted by Monday.  Expect to leave at 10AM and be back before it gets too hot (1-2pm).

Safety:  As always, we want to make sure everyone is riding at their own comfortable pace.  We will discuss the routes in detail before leaving each day and stop at least every 15 minutes to allow everyone to catch up.

COVID:  Please be considerate of others in the group and the residents of Kernville.  We are showcasing our commitment to safety while we are in Kernville.  Wear a mask when you are unable to social distanceWash your hands frequently.  Temperature checks will be available at every gathering.

Looking forward to what is going to be one of our most unique GSR’s ever.  Thanks to all for making it happen.


Days Away!

We are getting very close. Less than 10 days to GSR 2020 Launch!

What’s left to do:

  • The Text Alert System: I am still working out a few bugs in the Text Alert System, that I home to have worked out shortly. I will send an email when it’s ready.
  • Plan for Friday and Saturday Rides. I am looking at rides that are a little shorter than in the past, because it’s likely to be hot. Also, we may have to be flexible for meals because of dining restrictions. We’ll go over that a Kernville.
  • Kevin & I plan to ride up and arrive a little early on Thursday. We’ll take the direct route over a scenic route. If anyone is planning a route and would like to share with others, let me know and I will post it on the site.

If you can make it, see you Thursday!