Friday Ride

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GSR 2020 – Friday Ride

Friday’s ride will be relatively short, but technical.  We will be heading south of Lake Isabella to Breckenridge Road which heads west via forestry road to Bakersfield.  We have 2 return options, depending on how you feel.  Scenic Return (132 miles total) and Easy Return (106 miles total).  The route you take is your choice.  Both are fun options.


  • Cell phone coverage is poor if any on Breckenridge Road so be prepared.
  • Breckenridge is a paved (at least last time I was on it), but narrow.  The road condition may be degraded so use caution.
  • This route has significant local traffic.  Watch blind corners.


  • On the first leg, we will stop for gas in Bakersfield (61 miles).
  • If you take the ‘Easy Return’ route, it will be about 46 miles back to Kernville.  Total of 106 miles for the day.
  • It you take the ‘Scenic Return’ route, the total mileage for the day will be 133 miles, with the last gas opportunity on N Chester Ave (mile 72).
  • Remember that these routes are twisty with significant climbing.  Assume low end mileage per gallon.

Morning Route to Bakersfield

OddLegLocation – DirectionWaypoint Link
0Kernvill Inn- Kernville Road toward Lake Isabella
11.111.1Right on Lake Isabella Blvd
23.412.3Right on Breckenridge Road
58.334.9Right on Comanche Dr
60.62.3Stop at Shell Station on the left @ HWY 178

Easy Return to Kernville

60.6HWY 178 Todward Lake Isabella
90.229.6Exit 43 toward Wofford Heights – Left on Wofford Heights Blvd
106.216Kernville Inn

Scenic Return to Kernville

60.6Continue on Alfred Harrell Hwy
67.77.1Right exit on Old Alfred Harrell Hwy
68.81.1Left on Round Mountain Road
71.83Right on N Chester Ave
742.2Right on Garnite Road
87.513.5Bear left on Woody Road
98.711.2Right on HWY 155
127.729Left on Woffrod Blvd toward Kernville
132.14.4Kernville Inn
Easy Loop Map
Scenic Loop Map