GSR 2020 Update

We’ve received much appreciated feedback on this year’s GSR.  The consensus is “we need a break, let’s do it!”

We are going ahead with this year’s GSR, scheduled for August 20th – 23rd.  We are not expecting a big turnout, but we don’t think things will change much for a while.

With that in mind here is the plan:

  • Day rides on Friday and Saturday, leaving about 10AM and returning about 1-2PM to avoid the worst of the heat.  Brownbag lunch with a stop to eat along the route.
  • Social activities will be conducted with CDC Guidelines in mind:
    • Maintain 6′ distance in gatherings
    • Wear masks when possible
    • Wash hands frequently
    • Optional temperature checks throughout the event.
  • As always with riding, everyone respects the safety of others.

Shortly before the ride, we will set-up the text alert system as in year’s past.  We’ll keep you posted on how and when to sign-up.