GSR 2021 – Rapidly Approaching

41 Days and Counting

We’re looking forward to the upcoming GSR weekend in San Luis Obispo.  Things are looking good.  Certainly much better that last year where pandemic restrictions were in full force and California was on fire.

Here’s our current time line:

  • If you haven’t already, book your room.  Suggested accommodations are listed on the site at  
  • About 4 weeks before, we will be finalizing the Schedule of Events for the weekend.  Look forward to rides on Friday and Saturday, suggested dinner locations and social hours each night.
  • About 3 weeks before the event, look for the ride details to be posted on the website.  This will include ride maps and an approximate time line for each ride.
  • 10 days before the ride (May 24th) I will be opening up sign-ups for the GSR Text Alert System.  This is a private text network that we will use to communicate with everyone in attendance for GSR 2021.  This will be our ONLY tool for communicating last minute schedule information to weekend attendees.
  •  June 3rd – GSR 2021 Begins with a social hour (TBA).  Any one organizing a ride to San Luis Obispo can send me contact information and details and I will post them on the website.

Remember, all types of bikes and riders are welcome.  This is a relaxed group event where there are no preconceptions or expectations.  Just be courteous, tolerant and most of all, have safe fun.

Thanks to all who have helped put this together, as well as those have offered assistance.  Looking forward to an amazing GSR 2021.

GSR 2021 Staff & Crew