2022 Lodging Suggestions

There are many lodging options close together in Monterey, all in the $200/night range. June is a popular get away time of year.

We are using the CVS Store next to the Motel 6 as the ride and event meet-up and start location. Below is a list of options. We have no favorites, but all have favorable cancellation policies.

Lodging Overview Map

Motel 6

This is your standard Motel 6. Basic amenities and rooms.

Average Cost/Night:About $200/night
Location:2124 N Fremont St, Monterey, CA 93940

Best Western De Anza Inn

  • Complementary Breakfast.
  • Free WiFi
  • Pool
  • Free Cancellation until June 15th, 2022

Average Cost/Night:About $260/night
Location:2141 N Fremont St, Monterey, CA 93940

Lone Oak Lodge

  • Kitchenettes available
  • Free WiFI
  • Close to meet-up point
  • Rated 8.2/10 (Hotels.com)
  • Free Cancellation up until 6/13/2022

(We’re staying here)

Average Cost/Night:About $220/night
Location:2221 N Fremont St, Monterey, CA 93940

Red Roof Inn & Suites Monterey

  • 1 Block from meet-up location
  • Free WiFi
  • Rated 7.2/10 (Hotels.com)
  • Free Cancellation until 6/15/2022
  • Coffee/Tea in the common area

Average Cost/Night:About $230/night
Location:2227 N Fremont St, Monterey, CA 93940