GSR 2023 Destination Change

Update on GSR 2023 – New Location

The best of plans are meant to be changed.  Unfortunately, our host hotel, the Canyon Club in Palm Springs has closed permanently. We do not know the circumstances or the status of any deposits.  Hopefully deposits will be refunded.

Researching other options, it looks like Palm Springs is heavily booked for the May 4th through 7th with the “Hot Rodeo” event.  Accordingly, room rates have skyrocketed to the $300-500 dollar range and booking are scarce.  Regrettably, Palm Springs is not a practical destination for next year’s GSR.


Lou and I have booked ourselves into the Idyllwild Bunkhouse ‘Boutique Motel’.  There are other lodging options available, but this place has reasonable prices and good availability.  I will be updating the website with lodging options this weekend.  Stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for your patience!

Your GSR Coordinators.

Howard & Lou